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OTO ( Otgonbayar Tsogt is a London-based visual artist)

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Mongolian photos Mongolian photos Arhangai the remains of the temple 44315036 Nomad's children 44315037 Daddy 44315038 Arhangai the remains of the temple 44315039 Old tree 44315040 Arhangai mountain view 44315041 Arhangai ger (yurt) view 44315042 Nomads 44315043 Long journey 44315044 Off to the market 44315045 Off to the market 44315046 Off to the market 44315047 Rainbow on the steppe 44315048 Steppe view 44315049 Arhangai mountain 44315050 Tuv aimag 44315051 Ugii nuur 44315052 Arhangai Tsenkher sum 44315053 Steppe 44315054 Lake on steppe 44315055 Nomad 44315056 Arhangai landscape 44315057 Temple on the mountain 44315058 Temple on the mountain 44315059 Family photo 44315060 Arhangai Tsenkher sum 44315061