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OTO ( Otgonbayar Tsogt is a London-based visual artist)

I'm a paragraph. Click once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

Series 1 (1999-2000) Series 1 (1999-2000) Life of woods (series 3) 2000 mineral pigments on paper 120x239 (cm) 22751900 Life of woods (series 1) 2000 Urushi, silver leaf, modeling paste on panel 162x79 (cm) 22752903 Life of woods (series 2) 2000 Mineral pigments on paper 162x130 (cm) 22752997 Existence 1999 Mineral pigments on paper 162x130 (cm) 22753874